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— ergonomic desk organizers and handmade furniture, accessories and souvenirs for home and office. You can choose a set or an item that is in-stock and we will customize it for you (just add this option to your order). If you have a special idea, let’s discuss it and make something one of a kind.
We can engrave a company logo or a brass plate with a greeting and the name of the owner.
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Free next day delivery, for orders over $72.
Retail purchases can be paid with credit/debit cards (a link to the payment provider will be sent after placing the order). You can also pay by cash directly to the courier.
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You can choose from more than 100 pick-up locations. Please provide your preferred pickup location when placing an order.
2 days and up.
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The shipping charges are variable and based on your shipping destination. You can specify the delivery method or pick-up locations when placing the order.
▪︎ Russian Post (10-60 days, 20 days on average), the cost starts at $15

▪︎ EMS (7-30 days, 10 days on average), the cost starts at $22.

▪︎ UPS (2-7 days) the cost starts at $22.

▪︎ DHL (2-7 days) the cost starts at $22.
The cost depends on distance and is calculated individually and will be available at checkout. You can specify the delivery method or pick-up locations when placing the order.
Hi, My name is Igor Chernyshev and I am the founder of COURAGE.

8 years ago I realized the need for efficient workspace organization for myself. Luckily for this project, none of the current products on the market could cut it though for me.

It took some time for the idea to sprout and fully flourish and here we are...

COURAGE is a story we create for Winners. We design our accessoires for people and companies who are not afraid of changing the world. Not afraid to change it as much as they can. Names and roles are not important. What matters is the value and benefits the creation brings. The essence of details form the end goal and the end result. Great results start with a bright idea.

Your feedback and appreciation motivates us to create convenient office accessories which make your lifestyle even more comfortable, efficient and adding to productivity.

Kind regards,
Founder of Courage Business Accessories.
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