Tea-service set John Galt

The set consists of a tea tray with brass handles, thermomaple frame and ash veneer sheet bottom and 4 coasters made of glued ash and themomaple wood. 

John Galt will perfectly suit any interior where tea serving is more than just a drinking process. It will look good in an office, a conference room or at home.

Our designers created this tea-service set following the style of a desk organizer John Galt, so they can complement each other in one room. 

The set includes:
✅ Ash and thermomaple tea tray with brass handles
✅ 4 coasters
✅Wooden branded box
✅User’s Guide printed on a kraft paper, business card and a letter to the Customer

Size (LxWxH, mm) 445x305x50

Warranty/lifetime: 1/10 years
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