If you can call yourself a successful person, you know that there are no people or things around you which appear by chance. 

Desk organizer "Jonathan Livingston" (M800) is the accessoire that reflects your ambitiousness, strength of will and adherence to principles.

We mix the colorants into the concrete so that "Jonathan Livingston" won't lose color and will be your reliable partner for many years. We also add plasticizer and acrilyc copolymer to avoid chips and cracks. 
✅wireless smartphone charging point
✅5 sections for stationery and accessories
✅9 holes of different diameters for pens and pencils
✅Smartphone or tablet stand 
✅Wooden branded box
✅User’s Guide printed on a kraft paper, business card and a letter to the Customer

You can choose the material:
organizer - decorative concrete, bottom panel - oak wood
organizer - decorative concrete, bottom panel - ash wood.

Size: 450x200x30 mm / 17.7x7.87x1.18 in

Warranty/lifetime: 1/30 years
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