Clock and eternal calendar John Galt

The key idea of our designer was to combine reliable technologies and modern authentic ecologic design. 

✅original mechanism of the calendar includes ball bearings coated with high-polymeric powder paint; the characters indicating dates and days of week are made of metal stickers in a vintage Latin font

✅this silent clock doesn’t require an electric socket (it’s powered with an AA battery)

✅John Galt by Courage is a combination of creative design and non-standard construction ideas

✅the date vision angle can be adjusted manually; fix the brass “window” in the position that is convenient for you to observe

✅this clock can become an ideal status present that will take its decent place in an office or at home
✅the eternal calendar doesn’t need replacing. It means that your present will work for its owner for many years

✅all products by Courage are handmade by qualified Russian craftsmen

✅we use metal and precious types of wood (thermomaple and thermoash) for our accessories

✅the clock can be customized with a brass plate and an engraving on it

✅the clock can be complemented with a desk organizer GALT COURAGE. It will harmonize and balance your workspace and make your productivity higher

The item includes:
✅Branded wooden box
✅User’s Guide printed on a kraft paper, business card and a letter to the Customer

Size (LxWxH): 210 x 80 x 100 / 8.26 x 3.1 x 3.9 inches

Warranty/lifetime: 1/10 years
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