The world around us can be different - there are democracies, liberalism or authoritarianism. However, the politics doesn’t matter if we have no dreams, no fantastic ideas and inner freedom that inspires us. 

Feel free to set new goals and don’t lose your personal resources on the way to achieving it. The set Risky Heart, which combines minimalism and modern design, can become the first step on your long path.

✅compact box for pens, pencils and rulers
✅mini-tray for business cards 
✅mini-tray for stationery
✅stylish clock
✅wooden gift box with a logo

Two colors are available - white and grey.

The Risky Heart set is made of decorative concrete. Each item is handmade and has a special protective cover in the bottom to avoid scratches and marks of the desk surface. 

Size, mm:
Warranty/lifetime: 1/10 years
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