Organizer set Frank Cowperwood

It’s a handmade set made of elm wood and epoxy resin.
Epoxy colors available: blue pearl or black

Meet Frank Cowperwood Courage

This set is handmade from elm wood and epoxy resin. The combination of brutal and premium materials and elegant design give  a unique timeless look  that  lets Frank Cowperwood  take its rightful place in any interior: at home, in your office or in a conference room. 

Premium wooden box with a brand logo on it will make products by Courage an exquisite and respectable present for people who are important for you.

You can also order a personal engraving as an extra option.

The set includes:
✅ Business cards holder
✅ Smartphone stand with a watch hanger
✅Pencil box
✅Eternal ball bearings calendar with laser engraved dates
✅USB flash drive (16 GB by default)
✅Wooden branded box
✅User’s Guide printed on a kraft paper, business card and a letter to the Customer

Warranty/lifetime: 1/10 years

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