Desk-organizer John Galt [thermomaple/thermoash]

John Galt by Courage knows what to do. This gentleman can do his job in a good and honest manner. John Galt can become not only your reliable and closest assistant who accompanies you at all your important meetings, but kind of your business mascot as well.

This handmade set is assembled of 65 elements. We combine premium materials such as ash, thermomaple/thermoash wood, brass etc. All products by Courage are unique, we design them from sketch to box and pay attention to all minute details - ergonomics, size and features. 

John Galt by Courage will be a pleasant and special present for you and the people you appreciate. Add a personal engraving and make it unique and one-of-a-kind. 

The set includes:
✅ Paper tray - 2 pcs.
✅ Silent clock (AA battery) and eternal ball bearings calendar
✅Pencil box and 4 coasters
✅ Smartphone stand with a watch/bracelet hanger
✅Micro-USB smartphone charging point
✅Wooden branded box
✅User’s Guide printed on a kraft paper, business card and a letter to the Customer

Warranty/lifetime: 1/10 years
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