SENEKA CONCRETE BIG SET: eternal calendar, box and tray

Modern life is like a mountain stream - thunderous cold waves of working days can strike anyone
However, there are no waves which can disbalance the person who knows what is the order. Laconic and stylish desk organizer Seneka Concrete Set will help you to hold your ground and hew to the line. 

Don’t waste your tile searching for a pen. Invest your resources into important tasks.

✅pencil box
✅mini-tray for stationery and stickers
✅eternal calendar
✅wooden gift box with a logo

The eternal calendar is made of decorative concrete and aluminium, other items are 100% decorative concrete. 

Each item is handmade and has a special protective cover in the bottom to avoid scratches and marks of the desk surface. 

Size, mm:
Warranty/lifetime: 1/10 years
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